Baia delle Mimose and Surroundings

If diving and immersing yourself in our magnificent sea has satisfied you, you might dedicate a few hours to “immersion” within our culture and our traditions. Within a radius of a few kilometres you will find the Archaeological Museum of Viddalba, the Palaeobotanical and Palaeontological Museum of Perfugas, the Museo dell’intreccio Mediterraneo di Castelsardo (Museum of Mediterranean Weaving of Castelsardo), the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Banditry in Aggius, and the Museum of the “Femina Agabbadora” in Luras.

And if, after having sampled all this “food for the soul and the mind”, you would like to preserve or share a memory of our food and drink traditions, you will find production Cellars of our renowned wines (Badesi is the “city of Wine”), or agricultural cooperatives of shepherds and breeders for our delicious cheeses, or artisanal confectioners for our most distinctive regional sweet treats.

But this village is also something more: it is a natural oasis of 70 hectares of green space between the sea and the Coghinas river: you can also experience all that this environment has to offer during spring. In Baia, in the harmony of an ecosystem regulated by natural laws, foxes and hares, weasels and hedgehogs all coexist. The birdwatcher will recognise calandra larks and skylarks, multicoloured hoopoes and showy bee-eaters, ducks and kingfishers, herons and the omnipresent moorhens. The river contains carp, tench, perch, trout, eel, mullet and tortoises.

The long waves of the crystalline sea allow unforgettable rides for the brave windsurfers. The extremely long beach is famous among surf-casting aficionados for the oratas and sea bass that push out to the shore.

In Baia delle Mimose nature has combined forests, sea and rivers in a unique melodic harmony. For holidays in any season.